The Institute for Sustainable Technology foundation (iSustain Tech) was established in Bonaire in 2016 to promote research, education and development of sustainable technologies. iSustain Tech is partnering with governments, foundations, industry and international partners to achieve its mission.


Some of ongoing projects:
- Long-term trends in coral and algae on Bonaire’s reefs
- Long-term trends in reef fish communities
- UV-light detection by reef zooplankton
- Light and Motion Sensor program

Marine Science Programs

Marine Science Programs
In January 2018, the Institute launched nine academic programs in Marine Science; two programs for professional scientific divers and an introductory course for inexperienced divers that support the research being conducted in Bonaire.

Scientific Diving

Scientific Diving
iSustain Tech is a member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS). AAUS provides the standards of conduct for diving operations and training for our marine research and educational programs.


iSustain Tech’s mission is to operate a research and educational organization that will design, test and promote sustainable technologies for small island states to improve the socioeconomic well-being of the people, the island and the Caribbean Sea. The foundation will achieve this mission through:
  1. developing programs (research and education) that promote the sustainability of the terrestrial and aquatic island ecosystems and perpetuation of nature;
  2. supporting organizations in the development of policies and procedures that promote sustainable development;
  3. providing opportunities for students, teachers, researchers and other interested parties to work with the foundation in the furtherance of its mission.