Scientific Diving

Summer 2019 SCUBA for Scientific Diving: Fundamentals program

July 6 – 11, 2019


PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT: the SCUBA for Scientific Diving I – Fundamentals program for Summer 2019 will be held in Bonaire (Dutch Caribbean).

This course is a prerequisite for iSustain’s Scuba for Scientific Diving II, which when combined with one of the iSustain Field Research Methods programs (i.e. Coral Reef Ecology) will provide the participant with 100 hours of diving and research training required for certification as an American Association of Underwater Scientists (AAUS) Scientific Diver.

In this introductory Scuba course, participants will focus on training to become Open Water Divers with a technical, rather than recreational, focus. Participants will be (AAUS) Scientific-Divers-In-Training for the duration of the course. The training is transferable to the experience required for certification as an AAUS Scientific Diver at iSustain Tech in the 2-week programs and should transfer as experience as a Scientific-Diver-in-Training to other AAUS member facilities around the world.

While perfecting basic dive skills; participants will learn fish, coral and invertebrate IDs. In addition, participants will learn about coral biology and ecology in addition to various coral reef habitats. Lastly, the course includes basic training in underwater photography while maintaining perfect buoyancy and position in the water to protect the coral reef.

Participants will receive logins for the online theoretical content of the course and will complete the online training prior to the start of the course. The course instructor is available to answer questions about the online training.

ACADEMIC CREDIT: iSustain is not a credit granting institution, however, with advanced approval from your institution, you may be able to receive credit. Recommended credit for the Fundamental course: 2 semester hours of Recreation or Physical Education (30 contact hours).

PROGRAM LOCATION: the program will be taught by iSustain personnel at Captain Don’s Habitat
resort in Bonaire

PROGRAM FEES: The Program ONLY price is $850. There are two options for the program that include accommodations. The program fee for a private room (with kitchenette) is $1750. Or, the program fee with a
shared room (with kitchenette) is $1450.

The program fee includes Marine Park Tag, dive tanks, and dive weights. Food is not included in the program fee but there are kitchenettes in the rooms and a grocery store within walking distance.

To apply go to


• Current CPR/1st aid certificate
• Dive Medical History & Dive Medical Clearance by a Diving Physician
• Proof of dive insurance: Divers Alert Network: (DAN America) (DAN World) (DAN Europe)
• Go Pro camera or (other small camera) with under water housing if needed (some models do not require housings)
• Full length wet suit, dive boots, open heel fins, BCD, regulator with octopus and pressure gauge, depth gauge or dive computer, mask, snorkel, weight belt or integrated weight pockets, compass, and dive knife



iSustain Tech is a member of the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS). AAUS provides the standards of conduct for diving operations and training for our marine research and educational programs. Reciprocity of training verification between other organizational members of AAUS is supported by iSustain Tech’s Dive Safety program.


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