Marine Science and Scientific Diving programs for 2018!

In January 2018, the Institute for Sustainable Technology (iSustain Tech) launched:

  • nine academic programs in Marine Science;
  • two programs for professional scientific divers, and
  • an introductory course for inexperienced divers planning to enroll in the Marine Science programs.

iSustain is a non-profit organization focusing on research, education and outreach in Bonaire, Caribbean Netherlands.

The Marine Science programs are designed for upper-level undergrads, grad students, marine science instructors or citizen scientists. The programs are 2-weeks long and include two courses: 1) your choice of Field Research Methods course (Coral Reef Ecology, Reef Fish Ecology, Underwater Archaeology, Underwater Photography, Marine Geology, etc.) and 2) a Scuba for Scientific Diving II course where participants will receive training for certifications in Advanced Adventure Diving and Rescue Diving (SDI/TDI).

By successfully completing the two courses; participants will receive 100 hours of preparation applicable to certification as Scientific Divers with the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS). These intensive programs have excellent results in terms of acquiring contemporary field research techniques in the discipline and perfecting dive skills; fast-tracking the AAUS certification, which can be used to get involved in research projects at iSustain Tech or other AAUS member organizations. Recommended credit for the Field Research Methods course is 3 semester credit hours. Recommended credit for the Scuba course is 3 semester credit hours. iSustain is not a credit granting institution.

To apply for the Marine Science programs you must be an experienced diver (20 dives within the last year or 100+ dives logged), or take the iSustain Scuba for Scientific Diving 1 – Fundamentals course (one-week program). The Scuba for Scientific Diving 1 – Fundamentals course is for entry level divers and will result in training as an Open Water Diver with a scientific focus.

The Professional Scientific Diving programs include a course designed for Marine Science Instructors (Teaching Assistants/Interns) that will be leading dives for classes or research teams and another program for training to become a Dive Safety Officer.


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