Marine Science programs

iSustain Tech has a variety of research projects that are described on the Research tab. Some of the research is long-term, continuing projects and new research is underway. In January 2018, the Institute launched nine academic programs in Marine Science; two programs for professional scientific divers and an introductory course for inexperienced divers that support the research being conducted in Bonaire.

The Marine Science programs include an upper-level Field Research Methods course (recommended 3 semester credit hours) and a Scuba for Scientific Research course (recommended credit 3 semester credit hours). The Field Research Methods courses are taught by leaders in the respective fields; most of whom are professors at universities, or are highly regarded scientists from around the world. All instructors have years of experience in their field and, through their research experience, are able to teach the application of appropriate field research methods in their discipline. The Scuba for Scientific Diving courses are taught by an experienced Dive Safety Officer (DSO).

iSustain’s Marine Science programs are designed to provide the participant with the academic background and technical skills to meet the requirements of certification as an AAUS Scientific Diver. Once certified; AAUS Scientific Divers can gain more experience in one of the research programs within iSustain.Tech, or join a research program at one of the many other AAUS Organizational members.


Upcoming Courses:

Coral Reef Ecology Program: A two-week program hosted at Captain Don’s Habitat in Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. The program provides 100 hours of training in Coral Reef Ecology Field Research Methods and Scientific Diving resulting in certification as an AAUS Scientific Diver.

The program ONLY price is $2,150. With private room with kitchenette at Captain Don’s Habitat Resort; the program cost is $3850. Or, for a shared room with kitchenette at Captain Don’s Habitat, the cost is $3,350

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